Voluntary and Charity Support

As an Animal Therapist I feel it is important to offer to help other practitioners and organisations where I can.

I have two areas where I offer my support as a volunteer.

I have for 4 years been a supporter of A1 Tibetan Terrier Rescue and Independent Tibetan Terrier Rescue  . I have raised money through events and activities for the Facebook pages for the breed groups.

More recently I have been involved with the RSPCA at West Hatch Somerset in a large removal and rehoming of 60 Tibetan terriers, 29 of which were taken to West Hatch. I have been invited to support the staff in developing their breed knowledge and understanding to help them offer the very best care they can, this has been very much appreciated.

I have been and worked with some of the more traumatised dogs offering Reiki and Bach Flower remedies focusing on stripping bac the layers of fear, trauma and neglect.

As a result of this work I have also been involved with many of these dogs once in their new homes, offering training and settling advice this has been very much appreciated by their new guardians.

I also work as a volunteer with the Animal Team Homecheck Team. Helping small rescues with ensuring the very best homes and also ensuring the adopters are informed about the dog they are going to add to their family. I also offer a settling in service for all the homes I am involved in.

This voluntary work is a privilege for me to be involved in and is to pay back the enormous love and education my own Rescue Tibetan Terrier Tilly has given me, and her Rehome little “sister” Lola who joined us at 18 weeks.