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NEW! Canine Body Language Workshop

This is the course your Dog wants you to take!!



Taunton        25/01/20     10:00-2:30              

COST   £55         now £35   FOR ONE TICKET            £30 FOR 2 OR MORE BOOKED

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Would you like to know what it is your dog is saying?   Canine Communication is intricate and fascinating.

This 5*  4.5 hour workshop in conjunction with the Dog Training College is coming to Taunton the only venue in the Somerset, Avon, North Devon area.

Workshop Overview

Learning how to read and interpret subtle body language and facial expression will allow us to understand what a dog is really trying to tell us.

Being able to read a dog will allow you to understand and even predict canine behaviour.

This fascinating subject will open up a whole new way of communicating with your dog that you may not even have realised was possible. You will truly begin to speak dog.

Does a dog lying on its back really want a belly rub?

Is a wagging tail a sign of a happy dog?

Can dogs feel guilt?

This course will begin to answer some of the most misunderstood canine behaviours and as a result will change the way you interact with dogs forever.

Discounts available for Pet Professionals and Rescues.

Also available at special rates for rescues and groups to host.



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Autumn Workshops – Fireworks

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Autumn Workshops

Following on from the hugely successful Anxious But Awesome and the great feedback from the presenetaions of Canine Body Language and Reative Rascals for the Dog Training College, for whom I am an approved instructor and an approved and licenced  trainer I have devloped a suite of workshops for the Autumn on a range of topics.

They are all suitable for both Pet Guardians and Pet Professionals, everyone is welcome. The sessions are interactive and based upon up to date research and information. They integrate a wide range of holistic training, behaviour and therapeutic approaches from dfferent angles.

All workshops are based in Trull Church Community Centre Taunton Somerset just 10mins from J26 of M5 (Wellington). There is ample parking nearby. Lunch is not provided but Drinks  and snacks will be available.

To find out more please contact me at

The Firework session is Monday 16th September and will look at how to support the dog to feel safer with novel noise (so is suitable for a range of issues around noise). This will include the use of a training plan to work with feeling safer with noise and also a set of activities, exercises and games for settling and calming around the expected noisy times. This wil be supported by information on a range of therapeutic approaches.

For the further Workshops more details will follow.