Reviews and Testimonials

Eila and Baillie UPDATE May 2019

Well this last few months has been interesting for Baillie!
We have had a lot of uncertainty in the family as her human dad has been in hospital, her sister has changed school so is out for longer and we have welcomed a young man into the house most days as she has found herself a boyfriend.

Initially, Baillie and her TT brother Max reacted badly, very disruptive and their separation anxiety was obvious, bins emptied, urinating on floors and carpets and stealing food which was upsetting for the family and increased tensions in our attitudes to them and increased the strain generally.

Thankfully, Mandy was at the end of the phone and after a long conversation Mandy was able to offer advice and sent another magic bottle!
This contained various oils, Star of Bethlehem and Chestnut Bud being two of them. When I opened the bottle, both dogs immediately got up then sat at my feet requesting it.

From there, using games to challenge them, turning the radio on, setting challenges prior to leaving them alone and moving the bins, we found that they were more secure and eye contact from Baillie started to return.
When I made contact with her, lots of reassurance was used through both touch and talk and she then started volunteering herself to me, coming over for cuddles but also allowing me to go to the bathroom in peace!

This past month, family life is much more stable, normal routines have been re-established and daughters boyfriend is Baillie’s new best friend. He has been added to the pack and she is happy to be walked by him and will come to his call.

Best of all, eye contact increases and she now sleeps happily curled up with her ‘brother’. She opens her soul and is extremely empathic to those around her.

Baillie will have been with us three years in July and it’s not all been easy going, but Mandy, her knowledge and patience, individual support and wholistic approach has been invaluable. No question is overlooked and she will always be my first port of call.

Rebecca and Rossi May 2019

I have a Tibetan terrier called Rossi who at age 1 was difficult to walk in the lead, distracted and had shocking recall. The stress this caused me and my family was awful and I turned to Mandy Wilson for advice and guidance. Mandy worked with me on a 1:1 basis with Rossi and by using gentle techniques and games which focused Rossi’s attention on me we began to form a better bond and my stress dropped as I could see he was starting to focus on me and most importantly listen to me. His recall over the past 2 years has improved and at nearly 99% successful I have no worries him being off lead.

The guidance and advice as well as training was fabulous and the ongoing support meant I had someone who I could lean on when I needed further support. It’s been a long road but I now have a dog who is now fabulous and last weekend we tried agility where he focused on me did really well but also had so much fun.

I am so grateful for Mandy’s help in training Rossi and also helping me understand him and allow me to be able to communicate with my lovely boy.



Marilyn and Sidney December 2018 Trull DogSchool

Sid has made so much progress it seems he wants to be with me, more than even distractions of other dogs etc, than before we started the course.  It was great to do the games and tricks and we can do them out and abut when meeting distractions, it is fun to practice at home. It is so much more enjoyable to use the games to learn than the old fashioned way of demanding your dog do things you want in a class and out at other times. I know to practice every day , keeping calm and relaxed, having plenty of praise and reward ad responding to my dog immediately he makes the right choices. I am a better trainer and he is a happier dog.

Libby and Tatty 12/08/18

Mandy has made a huge difference to my rehomed Tibetan Terrier Tatty. I had owned Tatty for almost 4 years (she had been a breeding bitch) and she had always been very nervous, subdued and seemingly lacking in joy or enthusiasm for life. Then, after recovering from a recurring ear problem, Tatty’s mood deteriorated, she became despondent and seemed depressed, and, worried about her, I contacted Mandy to see if she could help. With all the information that I could give her, Mandy created a bespoke mix of several Bach Flower remedies and I was to give Tatty 2 doses of several drops each day. I did this and noted Tatty’s mood lift almost immediately and, within a week or so she was back to her normal self. Although she was still, by TT standards, quite subdued and quiet. Mandy then had a face to face consultation with Tatty to evaluate her, after which she gave Tatty a second and different bespoke Bach Flower remedy. Immediately, Tatty became significantly, more outgoing and cheerful, she has become more confident, energetic and clearly is finding her inner TT. She seems less worried about life and even ‘asks’ for attention, or chooses where she wants to be. She is clearly happier and generally appears to have a better sense of herself. Tatty means the world to me and I am so grateful to Mandy for improving the quality of my gentle, dear little dog’s life.

Eila Burgh 03/02/18

This morning I had to take my Tibetan Terrier to the vet. He was amazed in the change in her since our last consultation and was very interested in hearing about Mandy Wilson and her Bach flower remedies. Mandy gave me the tools to deal with a dog who was grieving and had many anxiety problems to a calm and relaxed girl with a beautiful heart who the vet barely recognised from her previous visit. I was a complete and utter cynic and now an absolute convert. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mandy to anyone who has a dog experiencing difficulties or training issues. Her advice, training and techniques are invaluable and her open approach makes every human owner feel at ease.

Chrissy Clark 27/09/17

Mandy gives excellent advice, support and guidance along with the use of Bach flower remedies. Our year old yorkie cross has some real difficulties with anxiety and the fact the he was on the go almost 24-7, he didn’t seem to be able to shut off. After a session with Mandy and a combination of some Bach flower essences and advice on understanding and training him he has made amazing progress and is now able to switch off and have calm time in the evenings without the use of crates or restrictions. He is now a more balance dog who seems so much happier in general and focused on his training…superstar thank you Mandy it is amazing to see the difference in him.

Sam Hurst 09/03/18

I cant thank Mandy enough for running the first Naughty by Nice dog course. It was perfect for what we needed for Max and she adapted training to all of our dogs needs and requirements.
They type of training involved has definitely brought me and Max closer together and formed a stronger bond. It certainly helps that Max responds well to praise and treats. I actually didn’t know the power of a good treat.
Max is a very frustrated greeter, he is a nightmare to walk and is a very strong dog so basically takes me for a walk and is constantly on the hunt for cats and the next dog to appear. He gets very anxious because he wants to go and meet other dogs and this can come across as aggressive to other dog owners if they don’t know Max or understand reactive dogs which can be upsetting and emotional in itself.
Mandy knew straight away that I was anxious with Max because of previous experiences and I even took Max with his muzzle to the first session. But Mandy has worked with me too and I am now much calmer with him and as a result of this is helping with his continued training.
I really enjoyed each training session I went too and I know Max did too and I am really going to miss it. It was so nice being around people and dogs with the same problems and understanding of each other. It’s taught us so much, we enjoy the games and mentally stimulating Max. It’s also calmed him down in the house as well because he was very protective at every noise outside but it is now just when someone knocks at the door which I don’t mind.
I really highly recommend any course Mandy puts together because the work she does and involvement is fantastic. She was literally there for me whenever I had any question to ask.
I’m looking forward to putting the time in with Max and seeing his improvements weekly and hope he’ll truly be a success story cause the work in those 6 weeks alone has been amazing.
Thank you again x

Leny Owram 23/10/16

Mandy is inspirational,a day on one of her highly informative and fun workshop courses fills you with an infectious enthusiasm for more…
She is totally focused on her subject ,I think she will never stop researching to add to the already extensive subjects she is so skilled in .
I need now to go sit somewhere quiet and let my brain absorb all this information and decide which course to take next.Thank you Mandy for a very worthwhile da