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Virtual Consultation (Training, Therapy – Bach, Distance Reiki, Distance Healing, Integrated Therapy and Training)

2 hours consultation including up to one hour discussion by phone or another electronic platform. Followed by a shared plan. One week open discussion via email or PM sharing success,  challenge, photos and video. £45 (payable on return of initial consultation plan) 

Further support will be discussed at the end of the months support.

Wag Walk Talk

A service for the Taunton/Wellington and surrounding area (using Houndesville or Dukes Paddock Wellington were appropriate )

1 hour shared walk to work with everyday niggles and issues (such as walk manners, recall, pulling, jumping, focus and “listening”  )£15

Specialising in supporting whole families to have a consistent approach and be involved with bonding and enjoying their dog . An opportunity to learn and improve techniques and learn fun games to play anywhere.


becki and rossi llW


1-1 Training support for improving common behaviour problems

Initial 2 hour consultation with a shared plan and introducing  activities  £60

Personalised package to meet the specific family needs £150 for 3 x 1hour follow up sessions. Package includes a range of transferable and transportable  games and techniques to address the issues identified. Developing a confident , focussed dog with great self control and a joy of learning.  suitable for the whole family

For off lead or secure field support additional charge of £15/hour.

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Perfect Puppy  and Reliable Rescue  Package

£45 for Initial 2 hour consultation. Including a personalised plan and introductory activities and fun games for the whole family .

Specialising in choosing the best puppy/dog  for your family . Considering the specific needs of individual dogs and the expectations and needs of the whole  family.

Pre-vaccination (rescue early days) advice and planning. Games and activities for the whole family to develop a great working bond and focussed puppy/ dog.

Post vaccination (getting out and about) socialisation activities and games and ironing out early needs or problems. Learning skills for life. Including learning walks and work in the local environment as requested. creating a “bombproof” puppy and  family dog.

baby genghis


Bach Flower Remedies

Initial Consultation 45 for 2 hour full history and first formulation includes a weekly catch up electronically. Adjustments and reformulations .
Formal Review at 3 weeks – £30 including a reformulation.
Full online ongoing support.
Bach Flower Therapies work with emotional and behavioural needs and emotional/ learning based training needs . Useful for prior trauma, grief, rescue new home and environment settling .

G Self select aromatic
Integrated Therapy and Training (please ask for a bespoke option) 
Initial consultation – 2 hours- full history 
Includes an initial therapy session and an initial training plan.
A full range of therapies offered as agreed, coupled with a training support discussion and demonstrations 1-1 work as needed, attached to an initial plan and therapy guidelines. Full visit report following . Ongoing unlimited support by email or phone.
Great results for dogs with emotional learning and behaviour issues , including : Rescue settling into environment and routine, trauma, grief, , anxiety and fearful behaviour, grumpy and bossy or noisy dogs.
Therapies offered include, Bach Flower Therapy, Botanical Self Selection Reiki, Healing.