Services 2022

With th echanges occuring in how services are offered for Training and Therapy we are restructuring our offers with an option for virtual work and hybrid in person and online to suit the needs of each client, as always bespoke to needs – watch this space!

We continue to offer

Botanical Self Healing (ZOOM) £100

A full History and intake, 2 hours zoom based guidance and coaching on how to offer and observe the selection choices. A resource kit for the session and some extra for continuing sessions. Full Back Up via media of choice

To find out more this lovely practice please have a look at this Blog

Kids Around Dogs (ZOOM) £75

Support for growing confidence in children with concerns around dogs – around 7 sessions mostly online with some practical support where appropriate. 30 min session. Interactive with fun tasks.

Puppy Power Programme (suitable for rescues too. ) £150 x 5 up to 90 minute sessions further sessions £30 x 1 hour.

Family Focussed where appropriate- – Taunton and District only.

A bespoke programme of 5 initial sessions with further ones as requested. Starting on or before arrival home . Before Vaccination is welcomed. Games and fun based. Looking at all areas of puppy (dog) wellbeing and learning needs .

Anxious dog support for reactive or anxious dogs, rescues or thoose with growing anxious behaviour .

Initial 2 hour session £75 follow ups £50 (Initial session can be online or in person when COVID secure)

Programme of Initial Session plus 4 bespoke follow ups £250

Understanding the whole dog, history, events, environment, health in order to work with their unique needs. All work is bespoke, no generic handouts etc. A suitable range of postive techniques, methods, games and activities. Not forgetting the human end of the lead, suppport and empathy for human needs and support for handling and providing the best options for the dog in front of us.

WAG WALK TALK Learning Walks £45 x 1 hour (In person – Taunton and District, in theenvironment

No Frills walk and chat. Understand more about YOUR dog, their communication, their needs, learn more about your human skills with coaching for handling and learning. Supplemented by some games specifically for the skills that arise

INSIDE – OUT 4x bespoke sessions with reports and a free Botanical Kit total around 8 hours £300

4 xsessions

  1. A Learning walk to chat and assess needs following a full Intake, look at canine communication and human handling skills.
  2. A full Botanical session in person or by zoom as appropriate, Full report and free resource kit
  3. A behaviour consultation including holistic and wellbeing support for specific needs, games and activities to work on together , Human end of the lead coaching and techniques.
  4. A Learning Walk to put the programme into practice in an appropriate environement


Wide range of topics available , please ask for details. Day Rate £250 or ticketed events

Popular topics

Botanical Self Healing , Kids and Dogs , Reactive Rascals (a DTC workshop) , Canine Body Language (A DTC workshop) , Anxious and Awesome (a look at the science of fear anxiety and reactivity and the toolbox to help) Enrichment (creating the best life for your dog) Be your Dogs Geek (understanding your dog Inside Out – Canine Body Language, common health and wellness topics including an introduction to nutrition choices, understanding canine emotions and behaviour and creating calm)