Bach Flower Remedies – an overview and Baillies Story



Connecting with Genghis to apply the essence via the paw pad.

 Who was Dr Bach?

In the early part of the 19thC Dr Edward Bach Began to develop a range of remedies using flower/plant properties.

Originally a Dr at University College Hospital London, and then a   Harley Street Surgeon. He specialised in Immunology and was a talented Bacteriologist. Dr Bach became disenchanted with how medicine was becoming chemicalised and using the natural remedies that had been successful was now disappearing. He then developed an interest in Homeopathy and joined the laboratory of the Royal London Homepathic Hospital. It was here he developed bacterial nosodes.  As his interest in treating the root of  disease rather than the symptoms , which medicine had become, he began to explore the view that many “illnesses” were not diseases in themselves but a reflection of an emotional state becoming settled at cell level. Disease is a disharmony between body and mind.

How are remedies created?

Dr Bach believed that each of the eventual 38 essences impacted upon a range of emotional states. Dr Bach explored personally these states and researched which essences enabled each negative state of mind to be relieved, impacting often physical associations and setting the diseased body into harmony once more.

Each flower is hand picked at dew time. It is then added to spring water and left to potentise in sunlight. The water is left with a “fingerprint in each atom of water, of the goals of the specific flower. the tree based or root based essences are boiled to soften firstThis is then held in brandy or glycerine for preservation.

Dr Bach categorised the remedies he created into the range of attitudes  they supported. there are 7 categories each has a range of remedies assigned.

Fear  – Aspen, Cherry Plum, Mimulus, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose

Uncertainty – erato, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam, Scleranthus, Wild Oat.

Insufficient interest in Present circumstances – Chestnut Bud, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Mustard, Olive, White Chestnut, Wild Rose

Loneliness –Heather , Impatiens, Water Violet

Over sensitivity to influence and ideas – Agrimony, Centaury, Holly , Walnut

Despondency and Despair –Crab Apple, Elm, Larch, Oak, Pine, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut, Willow 

Over-care of others – Beech Chicory, Rock Water, Vervain, Vine.

NOTE Rescue remedy – developed by Dr Bach for trauma and shock . It is a formulation of : Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens , Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem.

How do they help?

The fingerprint within the liquid is vibrational in nature. They have no (currently) measured chemical or physical properties. The work of Scheffer in The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy suggest that with microphotography and scanning we are beginning to find these individual fingerprints in the molecule of water.

As this is a Vibrational remedy ( as is Reiki and the actions of crystals for instance) it does not contraindicate with allopathic medicine working at cell level symptom management. It works within the emotional spheres, which are now shown to be held not only within the workings of the brain but to impact at cell level, with current scientific studies and work with cell symptoms and illnesses  linked to emotional trauma.

How is a consultation conducted?

At Peaceful Paws we have a very structured format for gathering information but this unfolds organically in conversation with the owner and observations and connections with the animal.

Firstly we will discuss the needs the consultation hope to address. Then I will send a detailed consultation form, covering basic information, health and wellness history and details of temperament , behaviours and emotional needs or traumas.

Before I work with an animal I ask for the person to confirm the vet and when the animal last attended and what for. Where possible I ask to either contact the Vet or for the owner to. This is in line with the Veterinary Act of 1966.

Once the form is received I make detailed notes and will discuss with the owner and further information. We then “unpick” the issues raised and the “goal” we are looking for in line with Dr Bachs’ texts.

This will raise a final choice of up to 5 essences that will support the need.

I will then Dowse for a final choice and check.

A bespoke remedy is made and given to the owner for application daily (sometimes twice) for 3 weeks, with 3 weeks rest and then a review to see if another formulation is now needed.

It is applied via a paw press.

I contact the owner weekly and we note any small changes towards the goal we are focussing on.

Often the dog will select or ask for the essence, even after a long period of time!

G self select bach

What outcomes might be expected?

Every animal and situation is unique, this is why a bespoke essence formulation is so impactful.

It is usual for there to be a small change in the first week or so, and by week 3 the animal is more confident and engaging. this gentle change continues for many weeks after the essence application has stopped. Indeed in Baillies Case (see case study below) it continued for at least a year.

Should there be no obvious movement towards the goal then it is important to review to see if the choices were right or perhaps resolved very quickly and another layer is ready to be impacted.

Another interesting impact of the use of the essences is that often dogs and their humans share emotional and trauma isssues. There has been recent and ongoing research to show this and even that cortisol (the stress hormone) is lowered in the dog when the human is stressed, helping the human to shed some anxiety, this is likely to be true from humans to dogs too. the shared energy is supported vibrationally by the shared moments of bonding during the application of the essence. Many humans report feeling better themselves, they are often surprised that the issues, emotions  and goals are mirrors of their own.

Baillies story

Baillie is a 4 year old Tibetan Terrier. She was rescued by Eila 3 years ago. Bailie had been much loved and well cared for by her first mum. However one day Baillie had the traumatic experience of watching her beloved mum become suddenly very ill and not recover when they were far from home. Bailies life spun into the unknown and so much change and she shut down to protect herself. She suffered a deep grief but also a massive change in her emotional safety. She was then offered for rescue and EIla stepped in, taking her home to be a “sister” to Max.

After her initial settling in preiod Eila became concerned for her. she could not make eye contact, was withdrawn and insular, struggling with contact or support and very submissive. The Vet she took Baillie to for a check up to ensure there were no physical issues could find nothing and felt some time to settle would help her trauma.

I was asked to come and see what I could do. It was apparent very quickly that Baillie was open for support and indeed she was really interested in the box of essences. she found it hard to approach me, but with time and no pressure she did. Because Eila was so forthoming and knew her well even though she had only rescued her a few weeks before we were able to find the appropriate formulation for her first layer of trauma.

I worked with Baillie for 3 weeks and then with 3 weeks rest I returned and reformulated. Eila and her family and friends were amazed at how gently and slowly Bailie began to emerge from her grief and fear.

max and Baillie

A year later she wrote this:

“This morning I had to take my Tibetan Terrier to the vet. He was amazed in the change in her since our last consultation and was very interested in hearing about Mandy Wilson and her Bach flower remedies. Mandy gave me the tools to deal with a dog who was grieving and had many anxiety problems to a calm and relaxed girl with a beautiful heart who the vet barely recognised from her previous visit. I was a complete and utter cynic and now an absolute convert.”

Baillie had another set back recently. She suffered a re-emergence of her trauma when a family incident triggered her fears. Eilas  husband was taken ill  and hospitalised. It was stressful for the family and Baillie clearly picked this up, as well as being fearful of her beloved humans disappearing. She became destructive and noisy and also withdrawn her eye contact stopped and she was “inside herself” It was heartbreaking for Eila. So we worked again to help her. The following is a message just a few weeks later.

“Well this last few months has been interesting for Baillie!
We have had a lot of uncertainty in the family as her human dad has been in hospital, her sister has changed school so is out for longer and we have welcomed a young man into the house most days as she has found herself a boyfriend.

Initially, Baillie and her TT brother Max reacted badly, very disruptive and their separation anxiety was obvious, bins emptied, urinating on floors and carpets and stealing food which was upsetting for the family and increased tensions in our attitudes to them and increased the strain generally.

Thankfully, Mandy was at the end of the phone and after a long conversation Mandy was able to offer advice and sent another magic bottle!
This contained various oils, Star of Bethlehem and Chestnut Bud being two of them. When I opened the bottle, both dogs immediately got up then sat at my feet requesting it.

From there, using games to challenge them, turning the radio on, setting challenges prior to leaving them alone and moving the bins, we found that they were more secure and eye contact from Baillie started to return.
When I made contact with her, lots of reassurance was used through both touch and talk and she then started volunteering herself to me, coming over for cuddles but also allowing me to go to the bathroom in peace!

This past month, family life is much more stable, normal routines have been re-established and daughters boyfriend is Baillie’s new best friend. He has been added to the pack and she is happy to be walked by him and will come to his call.

Best of all, eye contact increases and she now sleeps happily curled up with her ‘brother’. She opens her soul and is extremely empathic to those around her.”

baillie 1



Baillies story is typical. To see an animal begin to shed the layers of their fear, or concerns is a priviledge to be involved with.

If you think Bach Remedies might help you and your dog please get in contact.