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Update – and some insight into my Continuing Professional Development

Well What a Strange Time this has been!!!

After a year into Lockdowns for 20/21 I htought it would be worth letting you all know what I have been up to.

Welcoming a new Puppy has taken up a lot of time and at 10m he has settled in and is of course the centre of our household!! He has given me so much learning, we never stop, and I have updated my puppy skills and I am keen to share them – watch this space a really exciting project is on the way!!

I undertook a few (Covid safe and Tier 2 approved)  1-1 Welcome Puppy Family Sessions which I loved and have been so welcomed and well recieved by the families. I am so committed to ensuring that everyone has the experience my own kids and grandchildren have with their family dogs. I am backing up my practical knowledge with Specialist Puppy Long and short webinars and courses with both Dog Training College and Canine Principles.

With that in mind I am now one of the first Approved KAD (Kids Around Dogs) Practitioner which I am thrilled about. Initially we are working with children who struggle with fears and worries around dogs limiting their access t o family and making life out and about fearful. As a parent and a Child Educator (Headteacher and Teacher for 0-9 years old) this is important to understand and have empathy for. this programme is online for the majority and in short fun active chunks suitable for 4 yoear and upwards.Watch out for Blogs and case studies. I am hoping this will develop and add some learning for those kids who have an overconfidence  or lack skills in understanding the needs and communication of dogs.When schools  and human interaction is safer (ideally next September) I am hoping to offer fun programmes for schools. SO many families have welcomed a dog in the past year and so many contact me for help.

My considerable studies have added an accredited  Diploma in Holistic Canine Behaviour with 100% pass. This was a challenging course with Canine Principles which I loved. The learning here was backed up by many short courses and webinars and longer courses from both Canine Principles and The Dog Training College as well as a wide range of internationally recognised providers across the globe.

I have widened my studies into other areas which consider a Holistic focus for Dogs wellbeing physical and emotional. This has included a look at Nutrition which we are beginning to understand has a huge impact upon behaviour and lifelong wellness. I undertook a really challenging scientifically Certificate in  Nutrition  course (USA Accredited)  with Dogs Naturally University presented by world renowned Nutrition expert Dana Scott. this has been backed up by a current longer Certificated Nutrition course presented by Butternut Box Nutritional Vet Ciara Clarke. As a Butternut Box Ambassador It is vital I have a great knowldge of the impact of nutrition on wellness. to try out this great complete fresh food formulated by Ciara the Vet here is a special code for you, 75% off the first box and 25% off the second. Butternut take into account the needs of your dog and set up the boxes for your needs.

I have continued with and completed the studies and case studies for Botanical  Self Healing (Zoopharmacognosy) with My Animal Matters and submitted several case studies which have been totally approved. I love this practice and, as it is best with guardian coaching and support it works so well electronically,. So added to my service menu is Zoom Botanical Self Healing. there is a blog explaining more both here and on my Find a Dog Trainer link with The Dog Trauining College 

This link will also lead to reviews on some of the many sessions I have undertaken.

SO I have been busy if not out and about and hands on!

Once we are allowed I am looking forward to getting to engage with people face to face, my favourite way to work.

I will be fine tuning the services over the next few months so watch out. However there will be :

In Person Taunton and District

Puppy Power – (Also suitable for Rescues) family friendly bespoke training package.

Holistic Wellness packages  reactivity and challenges,   first aid , Holistic bespoke packages which will be created together including where approriate Botanical support , Human End of the Lead help, and dog focussed  behaviour support. 

Kids Around Dogs – Supporting Families to enjoy their dog and their dog to be understood.

Kids around Dogs Workshops and School Clubs

Electronically – Zoom

Botanical Self Healing – guidance and coaching to understand more about your dogs wellness and how to help them to balance themselves. Includes a full Resource pack, in depth consultation, a 2 hour session online, back up with shared video where needed. 

Workshops In Taunton or By arrangement UK wide

Canine Body Language – a fascinating  look at the details of the tiny messages our dogs gie us and what they mean, this is an intrinsic part of the  Wag Walk Talk sessions.

Reactive Rascals. A new look at supporting our dogs with reactive behaviours.

Anxious and awesome – understanding the biology of fearful emotions and reactive behaviour and suport to develop resilience and confidence.

Canine enrichment – a fun practical session looking at ways to enrich our dogs lives. Whatever their need , or ours. A chance to enable every dog to “be more dog”

More to be announced.

Please share this website with friends and also the Facebook group.

There will be special offers as  soon as life is a little safer !!

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