Thank you to everyone who visits this site and my fb page.

I hope it’s useful. I’d welcome any ideas for development of either.

Unfortunately due to ill health I can’t take on new face to face clients at the moment.

I am however launching a new online innovative training , behaviour and wellness service, enabling access to all, irrespective of location, personal, financial and time constraints, confidence and prior experience.

Watch this space !

Of course I will still be providing the occasional workshops both in Taunton but also available for hosting.

The Canine Body Language course on 29 Jan in Taunton will provide a detailed and deep exploration of the nuances of canine communication.

I also have a suite of other workshops including :

Reactive Rascals. A new look at supporting our dogs with reactive behaviours.

Anxious and awesome – understanding the biology of fearful emotions and reactive behaviour and suport to develop resilience and confidence.

Canine enrichment – a fun practical session looking at ways to enrich our dogs lives. Whatever their need , or ours. A chance to enable every dog to “be more dog”

More to be announced.

Please share this website with friends and also the Facebook group.

There will be special offers soon!!

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