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All About Us

Thanks for joining me!

I am an Integrated Therapist and Trainer.

I am qualified and accredited to The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. I have been accredited as an Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer, specialising in a Concept ad Games Based approach to learning. I am delighted to become a Dog Training College (DTC) approved Instructor.

I am also a Qualified Therapeutic Practitioner in Animal Healing, Animal Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies. Working as a therapist with all animals and specialising in support for Dogs and their Guardians with a range of emotional and positive method training needs.

Concept/Games based Learning is a brand new way of looking at canine learning and interaction. We look at the needs of the dog and its owner in terms of supporting “concepts” to be learned or improved. This is brain based learning, dog centred. It is particularly suitable for whole family engagement. the concepts are worked upon using 3 minute games (the optimum time for learning to be embedded) followed by calm (Have a look at my blog on the importance of calm (  Calm Dogs are Happy and Healthy Dogs – Something you dream of ?)  and processing time. the games are fun and transferable and transportable.

For further information about the journey to this point please look a the Blogs attached below.


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