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School Dog Programme COMING SOON!!

Peaceful Paws Therapy and School Support Dogs

An exciting new Programme of mentorship and training for Dogs, Staff, Children and Leadership Teams,

10th October sees the start of World Mental Week. This year’s theme is promoting good mental health for all.

We know that for both Staff and Children, School can sometimes be stressful and often those worries and stresses in children and adults interfere with wellbeing, attendance, behaviour, learning and school outcomes.

Following research into children’s sense of safety and well-being it was found that more than 1:8  children are diagnosed with a Mental Health condition. 

Peaceful Paws School Dog Consultancy sessions can offer some solutions to these challenges and offer a programme demonstrating that having a well-trained, well planned and supported School Dog Programme in the school environment can:

  1. raise attendance including persistent late or reluctant attendees
  2. standards of achievement
  3. Improve self esteem and confidence, social skills and empathy, happiness and a sense of wellbeing and physical health
  4. Improve learning outcomes, particularly literacy and reading and engagement with learning
  5. Improve staff  levels  of stress responses and promote improved wellbeing both emotional and physical.
  6. Improve  Senior Leadership management of wellbeing and the reduction in the impact, due to staff absence from stress related  health issues,  from creating a calmer classroom environment.

As a launch of this programme we are creating a SPECIAL OFFER for JUST 3 schools

  1. A FREE Interactive staff information session with a  Dogs in School  Consultant .
  2. 50% or more Discount on a full Bespoke Programme
  3. Referrals from you from other schools to sign up will open up further FREE Kids Around Dogs session

Sign up by 20th October to gain your Special Offer

Mandy has been a successful consultant with Dogs and Guardians and professionals for 7 years and was a Senior Leader in an education setting for 15 years.

“Mandy is an inspirational lady. One day  of her highly informative and fun workshops or courses fills you with an infectious enthusiasm for more…
She is totally focused on her subject , I think she will never stop researching to add to the already extensive subjects she is so skilled in . I really highly recommend any course Mandy puts together because the work she does and involvement is fantastic. She was literally there for me whenever I had any question to ask.” Leny Oram –  Calm Dogs Happy People workshop.

To be included as one of the first 3 schools in the special offer please contact Mandy at Peaceful Paws to discuss and book the information session by 21st October.


Mandy has made a huge difference to my rehomed Tibetan Terrier Tatty. I had owned Tatty for almost 4 years (she had been a breeding bitch) and she had always been very nervous, subdued and seemingly lacking in joy or enthusiasm for life. Then, after recovering from a recurring ear problem, Tatty’s mood deteriorated, she became despondent and seemed depressed, and, worried about her, I contacted Mandy to see if she could help. With all the information that I could give her, Mandy created a bespoke mix of several Bach Flower remedies and I was to give Tatty 2 doses of several drops each day. I did this and noted Tatty’s mood lift almost immediately and, within a week or so she was back to her normal self. Although she was still, by TT standards, quite subdued and quiet. Mandy then had a face to face consultation with Tatty to evaluate her, after which she gave Tatty a second and different bespoke Bach Flower remedy. Immediately, Tatty became significantly, more outgoing and cheerful, she has become more confident, energetic and clearly is finding her inner TT. She seems less worried about life and even ‘asks’ for attention, or chooses where she wants to be. She is clearly happier and generally appears to have a better sense of herself. Tatty means the world to me and I am so grateful to Mandy for improving the quality of my gentle, dear little dog’s life.

Libby and Tatty

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