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Mandy is an accredited Trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers offering Positive, Force Free ,Kind Training. She is an Integrated Therapist and Trainer offering a unique blend of support for Guardians and Dogs, She is a qualified Reiki Practitioner, Animal Healing Practitioner and Bach Flower Practitioner. Mandy achieves swift and long lasting results for Dogs with emotional and training needs, specialising in dogs with reactive behaviours or prior trauma.

Mandy is a Dog Training College (DTC) Approved Trainer and is an Instructor presenting their highly recommended workshops in Canine Body Language and Reactive Rascals, across the South West.

The Dog Training College Find A Dog Trainer site  features my Approved status and has a wide range of further information about my work, including recent reviews of different services.

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I enjoy working through games to develop “concepts” through a brain based learning  programme using current neurological knowledge of learning. I  identify the learning needs of the dogs and the functional needs of their families and then use 3 min games (the optimum time for learning to be processed) alongside calm time and play to develop deeper learning. Calm is an intrinsic part of the programme. To find out more about the importance of calm have a look at the blog.

Calm Dogs are Happy and Healthy Dogs – Something you dream of ?

This way of learning is especially great for children to learn to have fun, bond with and be responsible owners for their dog.

As a teacher for young children we use concept and short burst (chunked ) learning for fast results. Children really benefit from this too.

As such Mandy is now a Kids Around Dogs Approved Trainer. KAD offers support for families where there are children with concerns around dogs. As a Quaified teacher ith 35 years experience and a lifelong dog owner it is so important that we support all children to learn how to behave appropriately around dogs and to understand how and why they behave around us.

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Canine Body Language, Reactive Rascals, Anxious and Awesome, Canine Enrichment… and more !

I am also now offering a range of Therapeutic options including Botanical Self Healing.

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Meanwhile please visit and like and join my FB group and page. Here I upload useful and educative information and will link blog posts etc. I welcome participants sharing their information and stories and asking for questions they are both positive, supportive , non judgemental places to share and educate.





To find out about how I got to this place in my life please have a look at the Blog on BlissButterfly.


Mandy has made a huge difference to my rehomed Tibetan Terrier Tatty. I had owned Tatty for almost 4 years (she had been a breeding bitch) and she had always been very nervous, subdued and seemingly lacking in joy or enthusiasm for life. Then, after recovering from a recurring ear problem, Tatty’s mood deteriorated, she became despondent and seemed depressed, and, worried about her, I contacted Mandy to see if she could help. With all the information that I could give her, Mandy created a bespoke mix of several Bach Flower remedies and I was to give Tatty 2 doses of several drops each day. I did this and noted Tatty’s mood lift almost immediately and, within a week or so she was back to her normal self. Although she was still, by TT standards, quite subdued and quiet. Mandy then had a face to face consultation with Tatty to evaluate her, after which she gave Tatty a second and different bespoke Bach Flower remedy. Immediately, Tatty became significantly, more outgoing and cheerful, she has become more confident, energetic and clearly is finding her inner TT. She seems less worried about life and even ‘asks’ for attention, or chooses where she wants to be. She is clearly happier and generally appears to have a better sense of herself. Tatty means the world to me and I am so grateful to Mandy for improving the quality of my gentle, dear little dog’s life.

Libby and Tatty

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